So, began with my 4 new New Entrants this week on a play based learning programme. Bit strange with only 4 and I’m still figuring out my role. I need to find a way to be involved in their play without leading or directing as the teacher in me wants! I found myself using the time they were occupied in play to prep the next activity – again, a very teacher thing to do, as opposed to being involved with their play and benefitting from the observation.

I’m thinking I will try to actually play with them, by building my own construction, playing with the sand toys too and therefore interacting with them. I think another valuable role I could play is modelling good relationship etiquette – saying please, thank you, asking for a toy nicely, offering a toy, offering to help, etc. I think an observation in ECC would be beneficial to see what preschool teachers do during this play based time.

A benefit I’ve experienced in this less regimented timetable is to get to know the students more quickly as they have the freedom to be themselves more, by making their own choices and being involved in a discussion about choosing what to do. I already feel like I’m building a good understanding of each of them in the very short time I’ve been working with them.

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