So, update on my first post. I explained to my 8 Year 3 students that as they were moving into the next class in the new year where they would be receiving Google Drive accounts, they would be required to do far more typing. Therefore, their ‘challenge’ for the remainder of the year was to complete all their writing digitally.

They would use ‘Popplet’ to plan their writing (my Year 3s LOVE Popplet!), and then Pages on an iPad to do all their writing. As we are not using cloud storage in this classroom at the moment, they have all been allocated a specific iPad for the duration of each writing lesson, so all their writing is saved on it.

So far so good. They worked on a piece of descriptive writing called ‘Magic Leaf’ last week. Then, 3 boys presented their completed writing to an audience of students and parents at our sharing assembly. They had written so much! I hazard to say, far more than they would have written by hand. There were the ‘normal’ issues that arise during writing, such as spelling, grammar, punctuation, structure issues, but as they had written more than usual, there was more material to use as learning points. Redrafting was a simple case of selecting and retyping a misspelt word, or adding a comma, instead of copying the whole lot out again to publish! Publishing can now be as simple as printing out.

Future thoughts … I would really like to get next year’s Year 3s set up with their own Google accounts. It will really push the typing skills and I can learn the best way to teach younger students with email accounts and cloud storage. Good way to get parents involved, as they can access it from home too! Watch this space …