So, I launched a digital citizenship challenge with students in Year 4-8 today. It consisted of a shared Google Doc (I learnt how to smart share through Hapara!).

The challenge consists of 5 smaller challenges, and through completing each one, students learn the main elements of being a good digital citizen. They accumulate points and bonus points as they go along. The winning student will receive a Digital Citizen award at our end of year prize giving.

I talked a small amount about the importance of digital citizenship, then showed them the Doc on the Apple TV. I didn’t discuss any of the challenges with them – part of the challenge is recognising when they need help and asking for it. Time wise, they have about 4 weeks. They can complete it in their own time and in negotiated time with their teacher.

Well, it seems to have struck a chord with a few. As I write this, I have emails flying in from several students as they begin their challenges.

I am very excited about this, but also, as a bit of a control freak teacher, a bit scared as I feel I’ve unleashed something that will grow of its own accord. I shall keep you updated!